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The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm  by Vice-President Don Hagopian. There were 33 people present. Rocky’s was closed for a TV shoot, so the meeting was held in the shoot’s Food Service Trailer.  Don announced different dates and times(listed below).  Dave Kolstad announced the Air & Car Show being sponsored by the Optimists and the EAA is being held on Sept 20.  John Frymyer, airport manager then gave his report.

1. Air & Car Show,Sat, Sept 20.  Parking will be in the dirt lot near the secondary entrance
2. New entry passes to hang on the mirror are being issued.  So far, over 50 have been sold.
3. Aviation Commission Meeting will be here at WHP.  He urged all to attend. It will be in Hangar JM-2
4. U.S. Marshalls will be on the airport permanently.
He then took some questions from the audience.

Treasurer’s Report – Approximately $1000 in the checking account
Secretary’s Report – 114 Paid Members with an additional 127 on a mailing list

Board member, Thom Polizzi then gave a personal statement regarding the initial purpose of the WAA.  He also mentioned the great work that the club has done so far and that some changes in the bylaws needed to be made.  He then introduced Jeanne Fenimore our bylaws committee.

Jeanne gave an explanation of what the proposed changes were and some additional changes in wording were proposed at the meeting and noted.  Proposed bylaws with changes are going to be posted on the website and notices will be sent out to members about the vote next month.

Thom Polizzi read a proposed draft of the letter to be read and submitted to Yaroslavsky’s office at the Commission Meeting.  There was some discussion and constructive criticism as to how to edit the letter somewhat.  So notes were taken and Bill Fenimore volunteered to help tone it down a little.

Joel Lathon-Tower Operator spoke and said if we have questions or comments, feel free to call at 896-5555or whptower@aol.com

The Goodyear Blimp did some low fly-bys during the meeting.  Exciting!

There was no 50/50 drawing , however, Door Prizes were as follows:
Bart Bingaman – 10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport
Gary Koch -10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport
Jeanne Fenimore – T-shirt from the County Fair-Donated by Dave Snyder

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

Dates to Remember:
           Wed, Sept 24 – Aviation Commission Meeting @ WHP in Hangar JM-2
 Sun. Oct 12 – WHP Display Day and Girl Scout Day
 Thur. Oct 16 – Next General Meeting
 Respectfully Submitted,
Shellie Hagopian, Secretary,  Whiteman Airport Association

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