Whiteman Airport Association


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm  by Vice-President Don Hagopian. There were 32 people present. Again Rocky’s donated their banquet room for our meeting.

Don welcomed everyone and announced some important dates and times (listed below).  He then introduced our airport manager, John Frymyer.

John discussed the following topics.
1. They are going to be working on the blast fence for jet take-offs.
2. The airport was told to cut down two trees for safety by the DOT.
3. Tower road is not being used yet because the voice answering system is still not installed.
4. Hangar inspections may be instituted.  If you would like management to have a key to your hangar, let us know.
5. Due to the success of the last air show, we would like to have more of them.
6. In conjunction with Rocky’s we will be having fly-ins with discounted food and gas.
7. Discounted price for gas will be offered at the fuel pit, with truck service price remaining the same.
8. Fuel pumps were fixed and the printer replaced.
John then took questions from the audience.

Treasurer, Dave Kolstad made an announcement from the EAA that they have sub-leased a hangar and if you need hangar space to build your airplane, contact the EAA or Dave Kolstad at 818-349-3274.

Then, Thom Polizzi, who read a letter at the AV Commissioners Meeting, reported that he had heard from Yaroslavsky’s office that a task force would be meeting the 2nd Thursday of the month.  Marc Herman volunteered to be on the Task Force with Thom.  The task force will consist of 2 reps from the Whiteman Airport Association, 2 reps from the airport not in the association, 1 rep from AOPA, 1 rep from EAA, 1 rep from CAP, 1 rep from an FBO,1 rep from Yaroslavsky’s office, 1 commissioner, 1 rep from AAC and 1 rep from the County.  The meeting will be November 13th at 10am.  Thom will report on what transpires.

Dave Kolstad gave the treasurer’s report – We have $1100 in our checking account.

Shellie Hagopian gave the secretary’s report – We have 116 paid members.

Jeanne Fenimore gave the bylaws committee report-The changes to the bylaws that were approved at the last meeting were printed out and distributed. Nominations and elections took place and the new Officers are as follows:
 President - Don Hagopian
 1st Vice-President - Bill Fenimore
 2nd Vice-President - Marc Herman
 Treasurer - Dave Kolstad
 Secretary - Shellie Hagopian

Thank You to the hard working Officers and Board of the 1st year of the Whiteman Airport Association and Congratulations to the new Board.

Winners of the 50/50 Drawing and Door Prizes:

Ruth Logan - 50/50 winner
Linda Worden – 10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport
Don Goldman -10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport
T-Shirt – Bob Wachsmuth
T-Shirt – Thom Pollizzi
Solomon Bruck- Book
Kim Caldwell - Book

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.

Dates to Remember:
Wed. Oct 29 – Aviation Commission Meeting at DPW Office in Alhambra 9am
Wed. Nov 5 – AOPA Safety Seminar at El Monte 7pm
Sun. Nov 9 – Display Day  10-2
Thurs. Nov 20 – Regular Meeting at Rocky’s 7pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Shellie Hagopian, Secretary
Whiteman Airport Association

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