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President Don Hagopian called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm, with 24 people present. Again Rocky’s donated their banquet room for our meeting.

Don Hagopian announced some important dates (listed below) then invited everyone to the Annual Holiday Party at Rocky’s December 16 @6:30pm.  It is a joint venture between Rocky’s, American Airports and Whiteman Airport Association.
Don Hagopian then introduced the manager at WHP, John Frymyer, who updated us on what was happening.
The following is a list of things discussed.
1. EAA and Optimists and WHP will hold their annual Air Fair May 21, 2005
2. Fuel was stolen out of a few airplanes.  We think we have the culprit.  The matter has been turned over to the FBI and County Police.
3. County Assessor’s Office is on the airport Weekly looking for N-Numbers.
4. Rotating was out twice and was fixed.  We are pushing for a new beacon.
5. Wind Tee almost done
6. Pacoima Parade is December 11 at 9:00 am
k7. y’s, American Airports and the Whiteman Airport Association will host the annual Holiday Party together.  Instead of having 3 separate Parties.  Dec 16 at 6:30
John Frymyer then took a few questions from the audience.

Dave Kolstad, Treasurer, gave his report. Checking account $1548 after some expenses, such as the lunch for 99’s, 2005 hangar stickers, and our new banners.

Shellie Hagopian, Secretary, gave her report.  174 members and 117 on auxiliary mailing list.

Bill Fenimore, Vice-President, reported that the new 2005 hangar stickers are in and available.  Also, the 99’s repainted the runway markings on Saturday, October 16 and the WAA provided volunteers with a very nice lunch and lots of hot coffee and we received a very nice Thank You Note from them.  It is great to be affiliated with another aviation group.

Jeanne Fenimore, our Parliamentarian, handled the election of new Officers for 2005.  No one new volunteered so the existing Board agreed to run again and was voted in for another year.

President – Don Hagopian
Vice President – Bill Fenimore
Vice President – Marc Herman
Treasurer – Dave Kolstad
y – Shellie Hagopian

Treasurer, Dave Kolstad, was in charge of the 50/50 drawing. We then had our door prize drawing.  Winners were:
 50/50 winner  - Gil Ross
10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport – Jeremy Bishop
10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport – Doug Rankin
1-Quart Oil – donated by Whiteman Airport – Sol Bruck
$5 Gift Certificate from Rock’ys – Dan Miller
Cellular Pilot Book – donated by Cellular Pilot – Paul Nefas
Plexi-Polish – donated by Aeroshell – Julie Luna

The meeting was adjourned around 7:45. We had 12 people stay after the meeting to see a safety video on Personal Minimums.

Wednesday, November 17 – Whiteman 10am - The Aviation Commission Meeting.
Saturday, November 20 - EAA Meeting at Rocky’s at 9:30 am
Saturday November 27 – EAA Young Eagles at WHP 10:30am
Sunday, December 5 – Display Day at Santa Paula  10-2
Thursday, December 9 – Task Force Meeting 9am WHP Office
Saturday, December 11 – Pacoima Parade at 9am
Sunday, December 12 – Display Day at WHP 10-2
Thursday, December 16 – Whiteman Airport Association Holiday Party at 6:30pm
CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE – whpsafety.org

Respectfully Submitted,
Shellie Hagopian, Secretary
Whiteman Airport Association

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