Whiteman Airport Association


The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm  by Vice-President Don Hagopian. President Mike Martin had a work conflict so he couldn’t attend. There were 40 people present. Again Rocky’s donated their banquet room for our meeting.

Don Hagopian gave important dates to remember. First, the Commissioners meeting has been changed to the morning of Wednesday, May 28 at 9:00 am at Rocky’s.  Saturday, June 7 will be the fly out to Tehachapi, meeting near the display area at 9:30am.  Sunday, June 8 from 10-2 will be Display Day. Van Nuys Airport will have their Air Expo, June 21 & 22.

Don reported briefly on  what was discussed at the AOPA Town Meeting in Van Nuys, mainly about the homeland security issues.

Then he introduced the manager at WHP, John Frymyer, who updated us on what was happening.
The following is a list of things discussed.

1. The sweeper has been delivered and is being used.
2. The beacon will be professionally calibrated and we are working on bullet proofing it.
3. Please notify the office if any hangar needs maintenance, such as broken springs or leaking water.
4. Plugged bathrooms are being worked on.
5. Mail Boxes – Anyone wanting a mailbox should contact the manager so he can order the right number of them.
6. Parking Tags are still being worked on.
7. We want to organize a FLY-IN with reduced gas rates and special prices at the restaurant.  Anyone with suggestions, contact the manager
8. Sept 20 the EAA will have an Air Expo and Car Show here at WHP
9. For gas service either call 262-1313 or Unicom 122.95. Please let the manager know if the gas guys are not acting in a professional manner.

John Frymyer then took a few questions from the audience.

Vice-President, Don Hagopian, then introduced Charlie Duccat with the EAA, who briefly described the goal of flying 1,000,000 young eagles by the end of the year, country-wide.  So far the group at WHP has flown 3000.

Also, our next regular membership meeting will be Thursday, June 19, at 7pm.

 Don Hagopian was in charge of the 50/50 drawing. We also had our door prize drawing.  Winners were:
Skeeter David - 50/50 winner
David Snyder – 10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport
Ginny Harmon -10 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport
Charlie Duccat – Key Chain donated by Don & Shellie Hagopian
Peter Albiez – Key Chain donated by Don & Shellie Hagopian
Mike Boolen - Book
J.L. Lisa - Book

Then, Don introduced Maj. James Hayden of the Civil Air Patrol, who gave a brief history of the CAP.  He then showed a short video, which was entertaining and educational.
The meeting was adjourned around 8:45

Dates to Remember:

May 28 – Aviation Commissioners Meeting @ WHP Rocky’s 9am
 June 7 – Tehachapi Fly-Out 9:30 am
 June 8 – Display Day
June 19 – Whiteman Airport Association – Meeting-7pm Rocky’s
June 21& 22 – Van Nuys Airport Expo

      Respectfully Submitted,

      Shellie Hagopian, Secretary
      Whiteman Airport Association

P.S.  Sorry there wasn’t any minutes of last meeting.  The secretary had surgery and was out for a few weeks.

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