Whiteman Airport Association


President Don Hagopian called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. There were 31 people present. Again Rocky’s donated their banquet room for our meeting.

Don welcomed everyone and announced some important dates and times (listed below).  He then introduced our airport manager, John Frymyer.

John discussed the following topics:
---The general public is not responsible for policing the gate, several unfortunate incidences occurred this month.  Just write down license numbers, but don’t confront anyone.
---Atis is coming along
---Pilot Lounge almost done
---Jet blast fence being ordered
---Wind tee parts, still waiting
---New road is being worked on
---Wind socks being replaced
---White beacon light replaced
---Sweeper is back.  Report to office excessive rocks so it can be cleaned

Officers Reports:
Shellie Hagopian, gave the secretary’s report – There are 150 paid members and an additional 131 on our mailing list.

Social/PR Chairman, Ruth Logan, reported that Display Day, March 14, Fund Raiser with  Rock’ys made  $36.71.

 Winners of the 50/50 Drawing and Door Prizes:
50/50 winner – Jerry Leikwold
10 gallons of fuel (donated by Whiteman Airport) – Tony Gonzalez
10 gallons of fuel (donated by Whiteman Airport) –  Alan Butki
Shirt  (donated by the Agua Dulce Airpark) –  Bill Logan
$10 Gift Certificate to San Val (donated by Steve at San Val) – Jerry Leikwold

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.
Following the meeting, a safety video was shown and 17 people stayed to watch it.

Dates to Remember:
Wed. March 31 – Aviation Commission Meeting at Fox @ 9AM
Sun. April 11 – 10-2 Display Day
Mon. April 12 – WHP Safety Meeting 12 noon @airport office
Thurs. April 15– Whiteman Airport Association  Regular Meeting – Guest speaker from JPL
Sun. April 25 Fly-out to Falbrook – Avocado Festival  with the 99’s
Wed April 28 – Aviation Commission Meeting – El Monte 10am

Respectfully Submitted,
Shellie Hagopian, Secretary,  Whiteman Airport Association

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