Whiteman Airport Association


President Don Hagopian called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm, with 31 people present. Again Rocky’s donated their banquet room for our meeting.

Don Hagopian welcomed everyone to the meeting and showed off the beautiful trophy that we received for the “Best Float” in the Pacoima Christmas Parade.  He then announced some important dates (listed below).
Don then introduced the manager at WHP, John Frymyer, who updated us on what was happening.  He made it short because of the fire extinguisher demo to follow.
The following is a list of things discussed.
1. Everyone needs insurance with American Airports and the County listed on the policy.
2. Membership applications went out with our mailings this month.
3. There has been some water outages around the airport because of the construction.
4. The new road is 3 months behind, due to litigation, but will start again soon.
5. There will be a Cirrus Expo March 25 & 26.
6. Lately, there has been some safety issues regarding GA airports in the news.
John Frymyer then took a few questions from the audience.

John then demonstrated the proper use of a fire extinguisher on an actual fire.

Dave Kolstad, Treasurer, gave his report on the Air Rallye to be held on April 2 (weather back-up April 16) Meet at WHP at the park benches in the morning and you will be given the route with checkpoints.  You will then have to figure out how long and how much fuel you will use, closest calculation wins the prizes.  Faster planes take off first.  Further info will follow.

Shellie Hagopian, Secretary, gave her report.  208 members and 107 on auxiliary mailing list.
2005 dues are now payable, still $10 per year.

Treasurer, Dave Kolstad, was in charge of the 50/50 drawing. We then had our door prize drawing.  Winners were:
 50/50 winner  - Bill Schirmer and donated $5 back to the club
5 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport – Duane Swanson
5 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport – Sol Bruck
5 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport – Kurt Young
5 gallons of fuel donated by Whiteman Airport – Bill Schirmer
1-Quart Oil – donated by Whiteman Airport – Mark Hickman
Cellular Pilot Book – donated by Cellular Pilot – Matt Espain
Plexi-Polish – donated by Aeroshell – Larry Welk

Bill Logan attended one of the meetings for Agua Dulce Airport and gave a brief update on what was going on.

The meeting was adjourned around 8:15.

Saturday, March 19 - EAA Meeting at Rocky’s at 9:30 am
Wednesday, March 20 – Brackett 10am - The Aviation Commission Meeting.
Saturday March 26 – EAA Young Eagles at WHP 10:30am
Wednesday, March 30 – Fox 9am - The Aviation Commission Meeting
Saturday, April 2 – WAA Air Rallye
Saturday, April 9 – 99’s Poker Run
Sunday, April 10  – Display Day at WHP 10-2
Sunday, April 17  – Display Day at Brackett 10-2
Sunday, April 24 – Display Day at El Monte 10-2
Wednesday, April 27 –The Aviation Commission Meeting- El Monte 10am
Thursday, June 8 – Task Force Meeting 9am @ airport office
CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE – whpsafety.org

Respectfully Submitted,
Shellie Hagopian, Secretary
Whiteman Airport Association

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