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The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by First Vice President Bill Fenimore.  There were 20 people present. Again Rocky’s donated their banquet room for our meeting.

Bill first spoke about upcoming events which were listed at the bottom of the meeting’s agenda and are now printed at the end of the minutes.

Bill announced that Dave Kolstad is organizing an Air Rally, date to be announced.

Dave Kolstad, WAA Treasurer said that there is $1,800 in WAA’s checking account.

Bill introduced Airport Manager, John Frymyer.

John discussed the following topics:

  There will be a paragraph in this month’s newsletter detailing county hangar inspections. There will be one hangar row inspected each week in August, starting with rows T, U, BB, CC and DD.  During these inspections leaseholders will be required to show proof of insurance for any aircraft in their hangar.  The leaseholder and owner of aircraft need to be one and the same - sub-leasing is prohibited.  Emphasis will also be put on safety hazards.  Each hangar is required to have an aircraft.
a  l’s building is near completion.
  Goldman hangars will be for aviation businesses and have street access.
  Whiteman Airport is running out of tie-down spaces.
  Bill Fenimore asked John if there would be any need to move hangars when  the Osborne airport entrance is moved further east.  John said no hangars will be moved. The entrance will be further southeast than the current back gate.  Also, John said that the local politicians want to have businesses in the new airport buildings that hopefully will hire local people.
  John warned the audience of increased diligence from the County Assessor.  Agents will be looking to see if N #s match the registration and plane.  Apparently Whiteman has earned the reputation of being a hotbed for stolen aircraft.  Home built aircraft are exempt from the N# requirement, but after completion, owners are required to have insurance and N#.
  John mentioned that American Airports has paid between $60,000 and $70,000 for electricity at Whiteman last year. His comment provoked a question from the audience.  A gentleman said  that many years ago tenants in hangar rows C & D paid COMARCO  money to acquire electricity for their hangars.  Needless to say the promise was never fulfilled.  John replied that happened  a long time ago.  He asked the gentleman if he had any receipts or canceled checks to prove his claim.  If he had such proof, John said he would look into the situation.
  There was a question from the audience asking if there is anyway to put a painted line on the airport side of the gate at the main entrance to indicate where the detector that opens and closes the gate is.  The gentleman complained that people are entering the gate and stopping so the next car can‚t tailgate – but moving far enough past the gate detector, the gate doesn’t close and everyone is stuck.  He said there needs to be an indication of where the detector is, so people know how far forward to drive to allow the gate to close and then the next person can use their card to enter.  John said that it would be possible to do that.   But he also said that if you see the person behind you with a gate card in hand or a Whiteman ID hangar on their rear view mirror, to go ahead and let tailgate.  Anyone can dial 00 which goes to the fuel phone for help entering or exiting any gate. John said he wants to see the airport safe but not a concentration camp.

Dusty will have private parking by his new hangars and will have to submit a plan for security.
John asked the audience if anyone would be willing to leave a duplicate hangar key in the airport office, because American Airports does have a right to enter hangars. In case of emergency such as a fire this would help airport personnel save aircraft. The majority said, “No”

Bill Fenimore said WAA now has 170 members and introduced two new members.  He also encouraged everyone to look at the WAA website and utilize the TFR feature.

Bill Fenimore next introduced Kenneth Gentry, Aviation Security Inspector, Law Enforcement Liaison with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Mr. Gentry didn’t have a lot to say, but wanted everyone to know he’s here.

Bill Fenimore next introduced Ruth Mutti.  Ruth was representing EAA Chapter 40 and the Santa Clarita Optimist Club.  Ruth announced that the Optimist Club and Chapter 40 will be hosting a Classic Car and Airshow at Whiteman on Saturday, September 11.  EAA Chapter 40 will be flying Young Eagles during the event.  Chapter 40 is hoping to break it’s record of flying 300 Young Eagles in one day.  Vendors will be charged $100 for a booth and non-profits $25.  The event will be free to the public.  Profits will benefit various youth organizations.

Bill Fenimore announced that there will not be a WAA meeting in August.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

50/50 winner  - Alan Butki*
10 gallons of fuel (donated by Whiteman Airport) - Glen Blackshaw
10 gallons of fuel (donated by Whiteman Airport) - Alan Butki*
1 bottle of window wax - John Jeffries
1 bottle of window wax - John Eggett


Sunday, August 1- 10:00 am - 2:00 pm - Santa Paula Display Day
Sunday, August 8 - 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 pm – Whiteman Display Day
Wednesday, August 25- 7::00 pm - Aviation commission Meeting at Fox
Saturday, September 11 – Whiteman Airport Airfair and Carshow
Sunday, September 12 - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. – Whiteman Display Day
Thursday, September 16 -  7:00 pm - Whiteman Airport Association Meeting Rocky‚s
Sunday, September 19 – Brackett Airport – Display Day
Sunday, September 26 – El MonteAirport – Display Day
Wednesday, September 29 – Aviation Commission Meeting – Compton Airport – 7pm
Sunday, October 3 – Santa Paula – Display Day
Sunday, October 10 - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. – Whiteman Display Day
Thursday, December 9 - 9:00 am - Task Force meeting at airport office

Respectfully Submitted, Ruth Logan, Publicity &
Shellie Hagopian, Secretary,  Whiteman Airport Association

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